Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine 🥢

Our restaurant's specialty is Goat Hot Pot and various goat dishes such as lemongrass steamed goat, grilled goat, goat carpaccio with lime, goat porridge, and more. Goat meat is the primary ingredient in crafting our signature Goat Hot Pot, known for its distinctive aroma, rich flavor, and nutritional benefits without being overly fatty like beef or pork.

When indulging in our Fresh Goat Hot Pot, diners will experience a harmonious blend of fresh and delicious vegetables, black peppercorns, shallots, garlic, and unique spices. If you've ever visited Ninh Binh - renowned for its delicious goat cuisine in Vietnam, we hope you'll recognize that familiar taste right here in Florida at our restaurant.

Furthermore, when coming here, customers can also enjoy many other dishes with the tasty and unique flavor of Vietnamese cuisine: Spring Rolls,Saigon Special Beef Noodle Soup, Cabbage Salad with Steamed Duck, … At Saigon Noodle and Bistro, in addition to providing delicious food, we always welcome customers with a friendly service attitude and professional style so as to bring customers the best impression. Hygiene and food safety is the top priority in our restaurant.

We only use fresh and healthy food as well as clean items to make customers feel the most comfortable, belief, and assign their meal to us. A tranquil atmosphere paired with dishes that encapsulate the essence of Vietnamese cuisine is what Saigon Noodle and Bistro dedicates all its passion to, ready to delight visitors with heartfelt hospitality!
Our Values

Our Values

The value of a pho restaurant goes beyond just the taste of the food. It is also reflected in various other factors, including:


Within a space that is both cozy and modern, we serve distinctive Vietnamese dishes that are both unique and familiar, using the freshest ingredients. We skillfully infuse a touch of innovation through presentation and contemporary cooking techniques to create new, refined, and upscale culinary experiences.

Creating a Sense of Familiarity

We aspire for every guest to not only experience Vietnamese cuisine through each dish but also feel a sense of familiarity, warmth, and friendliness from the restaurant as if they were in Vietnam.


To become the premier Vietnamese cuisine restaurant in Florida by offering delicious food and excellent service.

Core Values

We deeply value and honor the essence of Vietnamese cuisine, aiming to elevate it to a global platform and assert its position in the culinary world.